Putting propane to work for you

Companies in a wide range of business sectors are finding propane to be a highly economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly option to meet all of their fueling needs. Using propane as a fuel source not only reduces operating and maintenance costs but also improves your company's marketability by showing your commitment to protecting the environment and public health.

Job Site Temporary Heat
When temperatures drop, you often need temporary heat to complete a job right. Workers need to stay warm to be productive, and heat is often required to allow materials to dry or cure properly. Propane is the fuel of choice in such situations, being used in an estimated 80% of construction projects with a need for temporary heat. Propane not only offers environmentally-friendly, efficient, and clean-burning options, but also offers portability and availability on various jobs sights with no need for electrical cords or gas lines.
For many years, propane has been used as a clean-burning, non-toxic, and easily portable and storable fuel source for generators. Propane-fueled generators have proven to be quiet, safe, and dependable, providing quick resumption of power in the event of primary power failure.
Landscaping (Mowers & Equipment)
Many landscape companies are switching to propane-powered mowers and equipment such as trimmers and leaf blowers as they enjoy both cost savings and a marketing edge. Propane-powered equipment costs a bit more up front, but switching to propane quickly results in net cost savings (propane, on average, costs 5% to 15% less than gasoline or diesel). Consumers usually have multiple choices in landscaping providers, and providing sustainable, environmentally friendly services is one way your company can set itself apart.