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Applying your own crop protection products has never been riskier to your operation than it is today. And the list of risks keeps getting longer:

  • Label and rate changes
  • Stricter regulations
  • Crop damage from drift
  • Required training and certification
  • New crop protection products
  • Costly equipment and maintenance
  • Rising input costs
  • Tight application windows
  • Complex application guidelines
  • Detailed, required record-keeping
Most recently, herbicide drift has become a growing concern for farmers. Crop damage from dicamba drift alone led to new regulations including required certification to apply. In addition, there are now extensive cleaning instructions and more restrictive application times. With so many factors like drift to consider, the risks associated with applying crop protection products yourself might not be worth it. That’s why more farmers now opt to have custom applicators take care of their spraying needs rather than doing it themselves. It’s a risk management, as well as time management, decision that will pay off in the end.

Remove Your Risk

According to Dr. Jeff Bunting, GROWMARK Crop Protection Division Manager, custom applicators understand and manage these risks for their customers. “Custom applicators assume many of these application risks, so their farmer-customers don’t have to,” says Dr. Bunting.

The benefits farmers receive by partnering with a custom applicator are numerous:

  • Spraying specialists with extensive application training and accreditation
  • An authority on the latest application guidelines and regulations
  • Best recommendations from experts on top-performing crop protection products, proper application timing and effective tank mix partners
  • Accurate record-keeping from professionals familiar with compliance requirements
  • Reduced equipment/maintenance costs 
  • Better time management for farmers to focus on other farm operations
  • Less stress and worry over tight application windows 

The FS Difference

Having a trusted custom application partner is the key to reducing your risk. And this is where FS and its team of custom applicators have set themselves apart. Dr. Bunting says, "Our highly trained FS Custom Applicators do more than just apply crop protection products. They are a go-to resource. FS Custom Applicators also provide insights on the right timing for applications and the right combination of crop protection products.”
“Changes to application rates and guidelines seem to be happening more frequently,” says Dr. Bunting. FS Custom Applicators continually review changing product labels and regulations, especially those associated with herbicide drift.

“Through our custom application services, FS manages risks like drift and off target movement and provides proper application practices for you,” says Dr. Bunting. “You no longer have to worry about keeping up with all these burdensome details.”

FS also has raised the industry standard when it comes to best application practices.

“Our first-of-its-kind FS Simulator ensures our custom applicators have the highest level of training for accurate, on-target application of your crop protection products,” says Dr. Bunting. “It’s just another example of FS bringing what’s next to our farmers.”

Winning Proposition

Sure, there are perils associated with applying any crop protection product, but why risk it when there is so much to gain?
“It’s a win-win for our customers. Fewer risks, proven expertise, more time and less capital costs", says Dr. Bunting. “Farmers have enough to do on their operations already. Applying crop protection products doesn’t have to be one of them, With FS Custom Applications, we just want to make their lives a little easier by not having to worry about their application needs. Especially given the current year, a late spring leads to a compressed crop protection season. Allowing our FS Applicators with the right technology, skills and knowledge to do it for them.”

To learn more about FS Custom Application services, contact your local FS Company

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